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BCS Overland Park Kansas – Complaints About The Sluggish Job Market Are Rare According To Recent Study

The professional career firm of BCS in Overland Park, Kansas has revealed the results of an informal survey taken via their website from local area job seekers.  The survey showed that the majority (76%) of job seeking respondents are degreed professionals.  Of those with degrees, 25% hold a master’s degree and 47% have a bachelor’s degree. 

The BCS survey also reflected that the Kansas City area job seeker’s ratio of employed vs. unemployed was 53% unemployed to 47% employed.

Additionally, the survey reviewed the length of each respondent’s search.  Of the more than 100 respondents reviewed, 28% have been in their search for 2 weeks or less; 26% have been in their search for 3 to 6 weeks; 8% have been in their search for 7 to 10 weeks; 15% have been in their search for up to 20 weeks; and 23% have been in their search for more than 20 weeks.  Of those in their career search for more than 20 weeks, 10% have been searching for a year or more.

BCS Overland Park says that the survey is not scientific and is only a representation of job seekers who have completed an on-line inquiry with the firm.  The sampling of over 100 inquiries was taken from more than 200 inquiries presented in the first 10 days of September 2010.  All samples reflect job seekers earning over $50,000 annually.

BCS Overland Park says complaints about lack of activity in a job search are rare because most people expect an extended search cycle due to the current economy.  This is true despite the fact that 38% of the respondents have been in their job search for greater than three months.

BCS Overland Park Kansas is a professional career service organization.

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